About Me

Ikigai (生き甲斐) - a reason for being.

Recently, this concept was brought to my attention, and it resounded deeply.  I've come to  believe I know my ikigai, but it is huge, multi-faceted and not unlike a hydra (one head is destroyed, another two take its place).

The trouble, for me, is not the unknowing of my reason for being, but the execution of it.  And this is where I want you to help me.

As you can see below, I have many things I want to accomplish in this lifetime, but to complete all, I need help.  Consistency and productivity has never been my strong points, but that's where the last few years have changed me.  I've sought help, found strategies to increase my productivity and discipline, and now I seek a further step.


I work best in a team.  Why?  Because there are others counting on me.  And it's that push I need to complete what I need to do in life.

All I ask is that you hold me accountable and, if you are interested, become involved.  Comment, encourage, constructively criticise, get hyped, like, share - these things will keep me going.


Each month, I create goals to achieve by the end of it.
By posting them on this site, I'm holding myself accountable in reporting and achieving these.

This month's goals are:

Retridemption.com Website Revamp

Hunters JRPG Website Revamp

Resume Revamp


I have many projects, too many to put on the front page.
Visit the Projects page for the full list.

Current Project Status

Hunters JRPG Game Development - Phase 1

Hunters JRPG Narrative - Phase 1

Snowflake Method Completion on Storylines